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sonal-kalra-profileSonal Kalra is an Indian journalist, columnist and an author, presently working with Hindustan Times, India’s second largest national English daily. She is a gold medalist from Indian Institute of Mass Communication from where she did her PG in Mass Com, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations in the year 1996. Sonal is currently the editor for HT City (Delhi edition), publication’s daily supplement. She also writes a popular weekly column titled A Calmer You, which appears in Sunday edition of HT City, Delhi. The column is all about witty calmness tips to beat the everyday stress.

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Latest From A Calmer You

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Relationship Tips

Health and Wellness Tips

A Calmer You: can I have a tissue, please?
A Calmer You disclaimer: Before I begin, let me inform you that I’m a clean person, lest this writ...
A Calmer You: there’s no party tonight!!
Hey, all those who are sick and tired of being asked by people how they are partying on New Year’s...
Walk Your Way to Better Health
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 Most Commented Articles

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Guest Posts

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All good things in life are for free?
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Science suck all of us not always but sometimes !!!
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Loving But Sometime Strange
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How To Develop Good And Healthy Habits In Children
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Experience Required Continuous Up Gradation
While writing this I thought that there are many books available in the market giving suggestions and their point of vie... Read more

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