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Maninder-Singh-blogger-indiaI am Maninder Pal Singh, an IT professional cum blogger. I have spent a good number of years working in different software multinationals and out of which major time spent only in single biggest Indian IT company – TCS. However. number of years of experience failed to give me any satisfaction (and what Sonal calls as calmness), then I thought of trying something else too. This led to opening a small BPO company here in Delhi which proved to be a wrong decision subsequently. This is because of the fact that Delhi-NCR being a biggest hub for domestic and international BPOs, it is extremely difficult for the small players to survive. Another obvious reason was cost and expenses (owing to space, manpower, office, and misc) which are quite high in metro cities like Delhi. However, I continued to study few more business proposals but didn’t find it wise to take another risk of losing any more money at this moment.

Then I started looking for something wherein risk of losing money is minimal even if the gain is not very high but one that could be more satisfying than what I had been doing earlier. This led to idea of taking up blogging. However, I did not have even any remotest background in the area of blogging and websites. After researching and googling hundred of blogs and websites for couple of months, I finally could lauch my first ever technology blog – This was followed by another tech blog

Opening of two tech blogs gave me enough confidence to take up blogging more seriously and at a larger level. Now, I am all set to creating and launching at least couple of few more blogs in next one year of time catering to different niches.


Subsequent to above, I have been able to launch the below blogs successfully till date (of course, these are also in process of getting further refined and updated on continuous basis).

If you may like to know how and why I launched this blog, then please read Why This Blog.

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Today's Viral Video - Must Watch & Share. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

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