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There are not one but many reasons for lauching this website cum blog. I have been reading Sonal Kalra’s column A Calmer You for a long time. I always liked Sonal’s writing style, simple yet effective language, the real life examples she uses to give out the tips to beat the everyday stress. However, even after reading the column, this idea never came to my mind about launching this blog. Things changed when I started interacting with Sonal after joining her Facebook page. Incidently, I was not much into Facebooking as well until. It was really so nice to find that Sonal was not only quite active on her Facebook page but also takes time out regularly to respond to each and every feedback she gets on that page. So commenting and responding about her column and in general became a regular thing.

Since, I have already been blogging and was always looking for ideas for my next blog. I realized if I am spending time and effort on reading Sonal’s columns and then giving feedback, then why not to do the same in the blog form. At least, my thoughts, feedback and whatever I share on Sonal’s Facebook page will also be getting preserved and not only me but others will also be able to see and read that.

When I came to know from Sonal that she didn’t have any official website or blog to her name as yet, I somehow became even more convinced to launch the one dedicated to her. This led to launch of this unofficial website cum blog of Sonal Kalra, Journalist, Editor HT City. The objective of this blog is to –

  • To compile and showcase the information about Sonal Kalra.
  • To put down my thoughts and feedback and whatever I feel after reading about her columns and books including but not limited to A Calmer You.
  • To provide a link back to Sonal’s resources – column archive, twitter updates, facebook page, her books etc.


Subsequent to my interaction with Sonal Kalra, we decided to make this blog as a one stop source for all of Sonal’s A Calmer You columns which are getting published in HT City. The value addition which I would like to make here is to make this blog search engine optimized so as to attract more and more readers not only from India but other countries.

The initial efforts have been quite fruitful as this blog has already been able to get Google Page Rank of 2 out of 10 in a very short span of time. The blog also ranks at top position in Google search engine for keyword “Sonal Kalra”. Though, major traffic and readers of this blog come from India only but it has already started attracting people from other countries. As of Feb 2012, the traffic from India is around 75% while 25% is coming from outside India (USA is the biggest contributor so far for all the out-of-india traffic).

I welcome any suggestion you may have in improving this blog further. Pleae feel free to contact me any time.

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