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We are inviting people who would like to be guest authors to write for SonalKalra.com. You could join us as a guest blogger to write for us if –

  • you are a Sonal Kalra fan and would like to admire and appreciate Sonal and her work through your write-up.
  • you are a regular reader of her weekly HT city column named a Calmer you and would like to provide your valuable feedback for the same through your write-up.
  • you have read Sonal’s best seller book “A Calmer You” and would like to give your opinion via a small write-up.
  • you want to provide your feedback on just any of Sonal’s work – any column, write-up, book or just anything which has caught media’s attention.
  • you want to write about your own calmness tips to beat day-to-day stresses of life.




[stextbox id=”info”]What Do You Get as a Guest Author on SonalKalra.com[/stextbox]

As a guest author for SonalKalra.com, you can derive the following benefits.

  • If you are a blogger/webmaster yourself and have your own website or blog, you can get one backlink at the bottom of the post (in author box or any other way technically possible for us) to your own blog or website. This will help you gain popularity and attract lots of visitors to your own blog or website.
  • Even if you don’t own any website or blog, but instead you have account on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, you can get a backlink to your account page. Again, this will help you get lots of fame and name for your own work and will lead to lots of traffic to your social networking account and will help you increase your social network.

The above two benefits actually indirectly help you with the following –

    • Free back link to your own blog or website.
    • Free traffic to your own blog or website.
    • Exposure to huge audience.
    • Free promotion of your own blog or website.
    • Lots of Good will as a professional blogger or writer.
    • Will get lots of more followers, fans and friends.
    • Lots of social media exposure.
    • Earn more money. For any online venture (blog, website), all the above things lead to more money  indirectly because ultimately more traffic means more money.

[stextbox id=”alert”]Guidelines for a Guest Author[/stextbox]

You should only write unique and relevant posts.Also, the you can not and should not reproduce the content/articles/posts which you write for us anywhere else on web including your own blog/site.

You should only post copyright free images and videos. You should always attribute the image and video to the original source.

You should only write in English and should make proper use of Grammar and vocabulary.

Your post should be easy to read and understand.

You should not write anything that may hurt any one’s feelings.

You should not use any affiliate link or any self promotion links in any case.

You should not link to any external sites unless it is very necessary and required by the nature of post.

You should write a post of at least 400 word. There is no upper limit though you should take caution in writing extremely long posts.

You shall bear the full responsibility for the content you write. You shall be responsible for all the direct or indirect losses, damages, legal action that happen due to your post or article.

You should be able to answer the comments, queries that you may get on your post and article. Moreover, that will give you added benefits in terms of gaining more followers and traffic.


You must start submitting posts within 15 days of creating your account with us. In case, you fail to do so, our automated system will just delete your account automatically without any notification.

We reserve all the rights to reject or approve any article or post without providing any reasons. If any one is found to be non-compliant to the above guidelines, then his/her account will be immediately deleted without any notice. We reserve all the rights to change or amend above mentioned guidelines and offers.

If you have any more questions or need any clarifications, please feel free to ask via below comment form or our Facebook page.

[stextbox id=”grey”]Click Here to register yourself as a guest author and start submitting your posts.[/stextbox]

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Today's Viral Video - Must Watch & Share. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

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