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Loving But Sometime Strange

Finally I am at home, enjoying  mama’s delicacies, 24*7 internet, awesome time with friends, no classes, no study( as if I studied in hall 9!),a bit of scolding every now and then and much-2 more!!

I have been writing a lot of poems lately, but I feel that the writer inside me is banging on the closet to get out, to be free… (He! He! I like fancy writing!!)

Ok! Now the writer is free. What about the TOPIC? What should I write about?!..

As I was wondering, MOM came in. She looked serious.

“Beta! Why don’t you put that brown Monkey Cap.? It’s getting so cold; you will catch Cold soon “she asked.

I gave her an astonished look. “Come on! MOM! I am sitting in my room not on a mountain, am not gonna put that stupid-brown-monkey-cap anyways. (I was serious; I was not going to be a laugh stock for visitors!)

Loving But Sometime Strange

Mom gave me dirty looks. “With how much love, I had made it for you? And you used to like it earlier. But now you don’t care at all!”She said in a disappointed voice. Before I could try something, she went away.

I felt absurd. What’s my mistake? Should I have put that cause-of-matter cap? Did I hurt her? Was I rude? Ewwwh! How on earth I used to like that Brown-monkey-Cap?

Next, in a moment of sheer enlightenment I got my topic…… (Drum roll! Please?)…….PARENTS!!

Ok! I am sure about this fact that we guys don’t connect the word “interesting” with Parents (though the word LOVING is always attached to them) but I want you to ogle at this topic.

Everyone loves his parents. So do I. Could still remember, the day when I cried more than a bride when mom and Dad left me in school in K.G.?You know what? I got teased for this, by my female classmate till class 8 after which I went to a BOY’S school. I just took all that embarrassment to prove how much we love our parents… (You can salute me! I am ok with it)

They are our idol in some ways. I still couldn’t make out dads secret to handle situations so calmly and make friends so easily, when everybody around him is dead silent. Mom is really a very hard working woman, who has carried her responsibility so well and Mind it! She is a top seed bargainer … ( I never told her that I had bought the same jeans she gifted..But had to pay twice)

But we can’t skip the fact that parents can be really bugging at times. For instance, they won’t let you keep your mobile under your pillow at nights. They will safeguard you from the ghosts of late night talks and texts and if you protest “Dad why can’t I have my mobile with me at nights?”Then you better be ready for some cross questions (counter strike may be a better word….and i am a big pf the game also)

What do you have to do with it, at such a late time? Who calls you that late? What stupid, good-for-nothing jokes you have to send..?

“Dad! I keep my alarms on my mobile!” I replied to deliver some sense.

“NONSENSE! Who would require an alarm to get up at 10 in the morning?”He says angrily. Next, I forfeit.

Another time, you will play the awesome game of prince of Persia (warrior within) on your P.C. and Dad will come from behind, stare at the desktop and start his monologue” What aim do you think it will serve you? All you doing is banging the ‘poor’ keyboard buttons and killing people in that virtual world.”

Hello??  Dad! I am the Prince here, Prince Of Persia, to be precise and am just fighting for my empire! ( I could feel a sword in my hand that time)

Whatever? Finish it soon! I want you to read an editorial in today’s newspaper, written by Rajdeep Sardesai, be sure that you do it because I will discuss it with you later.

“DAMN…..!!” is all you say and that to softly.

If there is a special occasion like you going out with your family then MOM will make it sure that  you become a CLOTH-STOCK. She just decorates so many clothes on you that anyone can mistake you for a BOMB-DIFFUSING squad member than a party guy.

Don’t talk about social networking with parents. You don’t have to thank MR. KAPIL SIBAL for that, actually parents and social media have dynastic hatred. I was more screwed up than ARJUNA ( I just love putting those extra A) in MAHABHARATA when Dad  asked me the password of my GMAIL account. Poor I, LORD KRISNA didn’t come for my rescue.

i still remember the scenario when   i wrote the poem “Girl! Somehow, one day, you will read these lines”? No Son would like his parents to come across such a poem written by him only. At least I wouldn’t. But thanks to ALMIGHTY (who has decided to use all His might against me) it came across DAD.

Casually, DAD read the title loudly and he was shocked, he read it again (softer this time). He slowly went through the body (of poem, off course!), gave me a strange look, I nervously stood next to him. He continued reading (with every passing stanza his voice became softer). It’s really an absurd feeling to hear stuffs like “flirt”,” you will be mine”, an arrow struck at my heart”..etc..etc…in your DAD’s voice only.. I wanted to a dig a pit and slip into it till DAD forget about the poem, I also cursed myself for writing long poems.

Finally poem was red; DAD was silent and serious with his eyes still on poem. Tension had enveloped the environment. “So I guess all this stuff is imaginary?” he asked with his eyebrows lifted.

“Sure! Dad, it’s all about imagination” I meekly replied.

“OH! …..Nice Piece, anyways” he smiled with a hint of glee and then he went away.

It’s really hard to understand your parents sometimes. It may because till the extent of our perspective they are only parents and just-only parents, nothing else. But they are more …..just like us yet so different. So loving yet so strange.

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How To Develop Good And Healthy Habits In Children

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The following tips and guidelines will help your child to develop good and healthy habits that will improve his self-image;

1. You should be positive on things
generally all kids depend on their parents for everything. They learn most of things from their parents as they grow. So a parent has got a huge influence and big role to play in the development of the kid. Children believe that their mom or dad is always right on everything he says or does. So the parents should ensure that they are positive always and teach their kids positive things. Give the child the message that will make his mind to have a positive mentality of good and healthy habits. Start by thinking positive all the time and tell the kids how great they are and how great they will be if they do as you tell them. Let them know what they are capable of doing as kids like to hear and know what they can do. Make sure you praise them for every good job done and help them to develop a good self-image to the society. When you start by thinking positive on things, you will influence your kinds to think so hence developing good and healthy habits on them.

2. Be realistic and a good role model
Children will always take notice of what you are doing, listening and saying. Make sure that what you do, listen and say has got a positive development in the habits of the children as they grow. It is not that you must be perfect, but try to perfect your characters as they will copy from you. Set goals that have limits, are good, achievable and realistic to engage a positive development of your kids. Develop health eating goals, physical development goals and life goals. If you achieve these goals, your children will see your effort and get influenced. Keep healthy body by eating better as your kids will always imitate you.
3. Limit computer and TV time
Monitor and control what your children are watching, playing or saying. Encourage physical and mental activities that makes your children enjoy. Let them experiment these activities because they will stick with them for longer if they love them. When rewarding your children, don’t reward them with video games, TV or candy instead reward them with something which can improve and develop a good and healthy habits.
4. Let the dinnertime be a family time
It is good when a family sits down together to eat. This will help you to monitor well what the children are eating. Allow your children to involve themselves in the cooking and planning of meals. Provide healthy food for your children and ensure you enjoy dinner with your family by making delicious meals, fruits and good vegetables to make it a norm for your children as they grow.


5. Have fun and stay involved

Plan a time to have fun with your children and let the whole family move together, ride bikes, take walks and swim together.


The writer is Amy Lawson from Manchester. She’s an insurance advisor who also volunteers for several non-profit organizations that spread awareness about organic food. Writing is her passion and she writes quite a lot on topics related to insurance. Presently, she is writing a thesis on child tax credit helpline.

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Experience Required Continuous Up Gradation

While writing this I thought that there are many books available in the market giving suggestions and their point of views regarding the managers, how managers think, what makes a manager a manager, their style of working and moreover all these books are written by well known persons having lots of experience in the related field…..
Management Techniques
I seriously think no one can become a manager by reading a book because it requires continuous practice but one can judge whether one is doing the right things or not, one can encourage himself, can motivate as well as can compare the progress.. While doing my PGPM I felt a need to analyse and write this because there I felt that after taking the admission in to a MBA institute students get so relaxed because there is a kind of feeling in them that in any way they are going to be accepted by the market because they have a MBA degree. That’s why there are very less number of managers who have make their mark in the world, learning the skills of a successful manager is not a one time activity rather it’s a continuous activity and continuous learning. So while doing PGPM certain questions came to my mind:
1) Can a piece of paper make you a manager?
2) Does taking admission in a college is enough?
3) Is the knowledge that one gain from the book is sufficient?
4) Whether we need to follow others or should have our own style of working?
5) How much an institute can help me to become a manager?
There are many other things on which I would like to talk and will continue to talk in future but today I wrote this article specially to talk about the word “EXPERIENCE“,
I still know during my grown up days one word that I used to hate was the word “EXPERIENCE”, whenever the word “EXPERIENCE” was used few things always came to my mind regarding the so called   “EXPERIENCED” person using that; I always felt that he wanted to say
1) I know better then you even if it is wrong(with attitude),
2) I don’t want to change because I have experience
3) I have difficulties in changing myself and to learn new things and skills and then to relearn something which is better then what I know because I have experience.
I always tried to find answers to these questions but never really got the answer, now the questions have changed and I want to ask these questions from everyone who is reading this;
1) What is the guarantee that the conditions prevailing during the time in which one has experience is still prevailing as the time is changing specially the conditions in which an organisation operates?
2) What is the guarantee that the solution given by you at that time was the best solution?
3) How do you know that I don’t have a better solution than your experience?
Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes
I still remembered a very interested incidence which happened during my college days, there was an argument between me and my uncle who said that he has experience in taxation and accounts, the incidence was there was a change in the filing of income tax return, I was telling the dates but my uncle was not listening to me and was saying that now return has to be filed every month and I suddenly thought that how can it be possible,people face difficulties in filing the return once in a year and moreover the government will face a lot of difficulty if individuals start filling returns monthly but then suddenly a question came which stopped me from presenting my facts;
Me:      “21”
Uncle: I have experience in this filed which is more than your age so you should better check your facts and then argue
Of course I lose argument at that time but I knew that I was right that’s why I hate the word “EXPERIENCE”, I respect you that you have experience in the field but that doesn’t mean that I am no one and whatever argument I am making is irrelevant so this was all about the word “EXPERIENCE”,I am not saying that “EXPERIENCE” is nothing, I also respect the seniors and elders but ‘EXPERIENCE” will help you if one is upgrading himself/herself according to the time, today things are changing so fast that the very next moment your knowledge becomes outdated so it requires continuous up gradation, “EXPERIENCE” with upgraded knowledge is like icing on the cake, it’s you who has to make efforts so that the world should respect you, “EXPERIENCE” is like catching a fish(how to catch a fish, what tact’s and skills you required, what equipment you required) and knowledge is like to catch the fish at the right place where fish’s are found(you may be trying to catch a fish at the area where there are no fishes)’.
Experience provides you stability while Knowledge provide you direction, but I will give more marks to knowledge because with the passing of time you can have experience but knowledge requires eagerness to learn, patience, dedication and ability to express, so go for the knowledge and with time, the combination of knowledge and experience will make you a better manager and a better leader. At the end I want to say never accept the facts as given, make your judgement, argue over the facts, and come at your own conclusions.
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LIFE- Explained

We all are living in a world of illusion. Whenever you feel one with the world, realty slaps you hard on your face and forcibly makes you realize where u actually stands in this so called real world. You feel crushed from inside trying to deal with unbearable pain.

What We Think of Life?

Actually, the biggest irony of life is that you don’t get what you deserve; instead you get all that shit for which you have been pleading to God with a bleeding heart not to take place in your life. LIFE- An illusion you will live for all the years to come.

What Actually HAPPENS in LIfe?

There are times when you are unable to figure out what actually is running in your mind. At the same time when people around you behave vaguely putting you in a more hazy state of mind, is the time when you should leave everything in God’s hands expecting a brighter sun which will show you who are yours or who just have knocked at your doors to made you learn something you have never wished for otherwise.

Though these are times when your heart cries for more clarity & more true people around you who loves you for what you are rather than taking you as an option when they have nothing in their hands, but at the end of the day you learn something new which in return makes you wiser than before.


The only thing we can do while fighting with such blurry & lonely times is to wish for it to pass away as soon as possible and wish for the sun of life or time shine more brilliantly to show us the path to what our heart wants and the blessings coming our way.

[stextbox id=”black”]“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” 
―    Robert Frost[/stextbox]

What should we DO?

Most of us think that loneliness hurts a lot but it is not painful as painful as people taking you as an option in their lives. You only come in the picture when they have their own interests involved. When we are alone, there is no one to crush our emotions under their feet.

It is better to let go such people from your life. Don’t try to hold on to them. Though it’s not easy but by letting them go we create space for people who love us for who we are and respect our feelings too

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C’mon,out with it now, A calmer you

Arrey,why are you getting worked up? I know he has bigger, better causes to fight for, but trust me, this problem is lethal. Log munh bana lete hainaur batate nahi kya problem hai. Now tell me, is it any less stressful to cope with such stress-gifters? I normally don’t repeat a topic that’s already been discussed in this column but making an exception this time and taking up something I wrote about last year as well… because I continue to get mails from so many of you who are troubled on account of sulking, or the tendency of a person to withdraw and stay aloof.

a calmer you column calmness tips for sulkers

It could be one of your friends or family members whose face and behaviour tells you that they are bothered about something but they won’t share. It could also be you who sulks often, and you don’t feel like opening up with anyone because you feel they won’t understand. Either way it causes tremendous stress.

[stextbox id=”info”]Calmness Tips for Sulkers (Avoid Sad and Depression Feelings)[/stextbox]

So, Anna Hazare or not, let us start our own campaign that of eradicating sulking from our country by 2050. Let us, please?

1. Remember, if you won’t tell, we’ll keep repeating:

If you suffer from this disorder (please lemme call it that, how can making a long face and not sharing your problem be normal?), the biggest disadvantage is that those who have done or said something to upset you won’t even know, and will continue to repeat the offence, knowingly or mostly, unintentionally. When in college, there was this guy, Sarfaraz Ahmed, who friends used to tease by calling Naraaz Ahmed. Because he would always be quiet and sulking. In order not to distress him with extra work when he was feeling low, classmates didn’t involve him much in presentations and activities. One day much later into the session, he confessed to a friend that he hated talking to anyone because he felt left-out. He thought that the city kids didn’t want to be friend a small town boy. It came as such a rude shock to us. If only he had said so earlier, we wouldn’t have got into this vicious circle and kept repeating what was, in fact, bothering him.

 [stextbox id=”alert”]When things didn’t go as your plan or back-up plan, don’t sulk. Make new plans! The sun doesn’t stop shining just because of dark clouds. – Author Unknown[/stextbox]

The same holds true, later in life, for sulking partners or spouses. If you won’t tell your girlfriend that something as silly as her wearing a certain dress upsets you because its too short (whether right or wrong is another highly debatable subject), she’ll happily continue to do it, while still fretting about why you don’t seem your usual self.
Then one day during some fight, you’ll end up saying nasty things that’ll hurt her forever. Just.Not.Fair. If you don’t like something, say it upfront. Then figure out how to deal with it.

2. We will ask only twice:

Dekho yaar, we want sulkers of the world to get one thing straight. If you seem upset, we will ask – once, twice. But if you’ll keep replying, ‘I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong’, we will take your word for it. And won’t keep asking again and again. Don’t you then turn around and cry, ‘no one cares for me’. Because we do, and we asked, but you chose to play the ‘all’s well’ false-card. So, deal with it.

3. It never hurts to speak up:

This one’s for those who prefer to go into a shell when something bothers them. See, the thing is, life’s already pretty short and we all know it.

I don’t think you should risk shortening it further by torturing your poor heart with all the mundane matters of life. Let it do its own work, pumping blood is no mean task. Every doctor in the world will tell you that not giving an outlet to your worries and tensions will make you mentally… and physically unwell. Problems are there in everyone’s life. If you think Mukesh Ambani or Shah Rukh Khan have a peaceful sleep every night, you, my dear, are a sweet innocent idiot.
(It’s another thing that if everyone has problems, I’d anyday prefer to cry sitting in Shah Rukh’s Rolls Royce than on an autorickshaw, but let’s not deviate from the subject).
I’m not saying become a crib machine and keep venting in front of everyone you meet, but surely you have someone in your life who won’t mind lending an ear. If you have money to spare, there are some who will charge for it and do it happily (you can mail me for my number, thanks).
If not even that, there are bartenders, barbers, maids who have no choice but to listen to your woes. Get it out of your system. Now. Don’t wait to share your troubles with the nurse at the hospital. She’ll give you a sleeping injection mid-way. Mind it.

Sonal Kalra is writing to the PM for an anti-sulking bill. All those good souls who will sign the petition,

 [stextbox id=”alert”]Being sad and sulking will get you no where, go out and do something about that shit forget that her because she doesn’t care, so why should you. Author Unknown[/stextbox]