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Together or happily together

There I am sitting in my office with a colleague and friend of mine listening to her over and over again about her latest relationship issue with her boyfriend. As she is telling me about the umpteenth time about how her boyfriend kept a secret from her that he had a fling with a girl around eight years ago before even meeting my friend. As she pines on about how she is feeling betrayed and offended by his behaviour I take a few moments to look at our new trending relationships. I feel that there has been a massive change in the sense of the word ‘Relationship’. Be it couples, friends or families….Now with a modern lifestyle, a pressurizing multinational job, a home and a family to take care of our ways of dealing with relationship hues and blues have changed. Or have they? It has become more and more difficult to stay happy and contented. But most of the times we are the only ones to create the illusion of unhappiness in a smooth life. Let’s take a look at a few things on which our relationships are based.

happily together

Honesty…*!#$@#!? Yes Dear

What meaning does the term honesty hold to you? Apart from being truthful about the basic things in our lives there is a fine line in being honest and preventing a heart-break or an argument. Are you honest to your husband or boyfriend that you were dream looking at that greek god kind of guy in the mall who oh.. by the way was also helping in shopping for his girlfriend. Uhgghh! So jealous! While your better half was trying to figure out which pant size he has grown into. Or do you tell them that you would rather be watching ‘Himmatwala’ than going bowling with him, his friends and their show-off wives. Oh and to be honest ‘Himmatwala’ also needs a whole new level of courage to sit through!

And now over to the men. Do you guys ever muck up the guts to say it to your girlfriend or wife that she still looks the same even after spending ten hours at the parlour and the amount of money by which you could have gladly bought a new lazy boy chair for you. Now that would have been beautiful. Isn’t it? And yes do you remember the time when you had gone to a wedding and your girl got mad with the fact that you were staring at that hot bod girl in a saree with the flat stomach (That b*@#ch! Don’t they ever eat anything?) And you got away with an excuse that she looked anorexic! Of course a little plump girl also looks cute…Who needs to be with a flat board anyway!….So whatever our reasons to be honest of this ‘kind’ they sure can come helpful when trying to save yourself the trouble of getting in an ugly place in your relationship or stay happy in it.

Love…The wow word

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of love? Is it a typical romantic Hollywood movie which you saw and wanted it to come true with flowers, chocolates, kisses and mushiness or the kind of love which can actually stay alive for a very long time in reality. In the starting phase of our relationship we really do enjoy the pampering and the attention which slowly fizzles out and you realise that now you are not boggling your brains out about which dress you should wear to your evening date rather you are quizzed about which is the best and safe money investment plan which can be helpful for your future.

But are we not missing out on a few details here. Why do you think your wife cooks your favourite ‘gajar ka halwa’ and ‘kheer’ every second day when she doesn’t even has a sweet tooth? Or why doesn’t she ever fail to keep your lucky blue shirt all washed and ironed before your every big presentation. And girls why do you think that your husband always switches on the hot water in the morning before you have to get up and start working on your day. He didn’t remember Valentine’s day but still somehow never forgets to give you your vitamins every day. Aren’t these the kinds of things which make us feel loved and cared of? Sure we all have a very busy life but we need to take a moment and notice that love doesn’t always need to be a Mills & Boon novel but hey….it’s not that bad either.

Space…Yeah. We all need it.

Now, I think you know what I am talking about. But still I am going to take the liberty of explaining it for some of us who are alien to this concept. Come on ladies I’ll talk to you first. Do you like it when your husband or boyfriend calls you every thirty minutes to ask how you are? What are you doing? Where and with whom are you? Yes I know it makes you go crazy. So why don’t you too give your spouse a little break from this. Whenever he goes out with his guys or even at home sometimes you need to just let him be. You have to stop nagging about every single little thing that you told them to do but he didn’t or forgot to. Sometimes all you need to do is to enjoy each other’s company and let each other breathe…(You can do a little bit of nagging later…I know work just doesn’t happen without it either!)

And guys you also need to know that your girl also needs a little time off. Do you know how many things are going on in their head? You don’t even think as much in two days that she covers in an hour! Let her also get off the wheel and relax. I’m going to spare you from recounting the list of her side of work and activities (You’re welcome.)


The last thing which I would like to conclude in our discussion is talking. Well we girls sure have a master’s degree in it but I am not talking about the gossips in which we include our men. Like the latest piece of jewellery your neighbour was wearing or how you think you have gained weight (sniff!..touchy topic). But you know I can go on and on. And boys we girls aren’t exactly interested in your hours long discussion about sports or business talk either. Some of these topics just fly over our head!

What I mean to say is that sometimes we just forget to say things that hold much importance than these. Like telling your wife who is exhausted from her hectic day that how much you appreciate her and love her. (Yes..We love to hear it). And girls I know your guy can be a great listener (sometimes with a blank expression) but you got to give him a chance to be able to open up to you. Just let him know that if something is bothering him you are also there for him too.

So people…problems are there in everyone’s lives but we should feel lucky and thankful that we have got someone with us to get over them. It’s not exactly a perfect life but together we can make it. Hmmpfh! Now that I have spoken a lot…excuse me..i have to get back to listening to my friend.

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Shun that competition with your own buddies, you TOXIC FRIENDS!!

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How does it feel when one of your best friends cries when the exam results of both of you are out? It hurts if he ( instead of writing he/she again again, I am using only the pronoun ‘he’ for convenience ) has scored low. The meaning of this word ‘low’ is subject to variation in context to different people and situations as well as depend on the kind of scale-mark used for measuring the achievements one has so laboriously made. But , it literally ‘SUCKS’ when your dear pal has scored fairly good marks , as measured from a general scale-mark of scores and…. is still sulking like hell just because damn you, his own sukh-dukh ka saathi has scored two or five marks more than him.

competition-with-friendsCompeting with your own Buddies

Now, this piece of writing doesn’t refer to you , poor soul!! It contains nothing to console you guys. I promise I shall do that in my successive article. This is my big helping hand that I lend out today to restore peace in the lives of all those TOXIC FRIENDS on earth (Baat ko samjho na yaar!! I am starting with solving the root cause of your problem).
So, this write-up calls out to all those who often commit the ethical offence of creating stress in others lives (Ha! Don’t you know competition is one of the top ten stress- causing things. Moreover, you drag your friend into the race without asking his willingness and he suffers involuntarily ). The ultimate jealous friends of some genuine people! Read on what follows, it’s specially written for you who fit more as a rival than a friend in your buddy’s life.

Give yourself some time to grasp the wisdom words written below and do apply the ‘gyaaan’ drawn out from it in ‘unmiserablising ‘(so what?? who said you cannot invent a term of your own??) lives- both of your own as well as of your friends)-

1. Behave like a mature adult– Stop sulking, you idiot. Behave sensibly next time such an occasion greets you. You are friends and not rival runner-ups of a million-dollar reality show. If your buddy gets good scores, its good na! Remember he is your friend. How you react really matters to him- your smile and even your tears. Don’t spoil his happiness , your own and the moment in comparisons.
2.Value the bond of friendship– Understand what value friends hold in life. Place yourself in their shoes and think for once, how it feels. It may sound rude but such an insensitive behavior may cost you your friendship. Of course, you are being insensitive to his hard-work and success if you are sulking due to his achievements. Make sure you don’t lose a loved friend in your race to win. Else, be ready to be the biggest loser.
3.Promote Healthy Competition in every aspect of your life– Healthy competition not only means that you analyse your weaknesses and try to improve them, but also that you respect and appreciate other party’s efforts irrespective of who comes out more successful.
4. Its just marks- Stop re-reading the title again again. Yes, you read it right. Yes, it does contain the word ‘just’ just before ‘marks’. As every other thing on this diverse planet, marks are just a part, not the whole, not everything. Trust me, you will despise your own such actions, ten or twenty years henceforth. And, more so if such habits would have affected your million-dollar friendship.
5. Avoid Die-hard competition– Puhleeeez, DO NOT spoil your calmness in comparing exam scores, number of girlfriends/dresses/shoes owned, job salary, etc with your friend’s. It provides amusement to none. There is much more to life and if you indeed need to compare , go ahead compare with yourself only. Compete with yourself and you will definitely be amused.
6. Convince your family-If your parents or family be the reason behind your such competitive attitude and jealousy, and you actually do not want to repeat those offenses , make them understand that you are happy with your position in life and convince them that you do not want to compete with anyone but yourself. Else, the next time they vex you by starting a comparison between you and your friend, hand them the paper and make them read this write-up.
Believe me, earth would be a calmer place to live in if you go by above five rules to let go your impulsive competitive attitude. For all those who are still not ready to believe that competition is NOT ‘an inevitable human nature’, let’s hold a ‘SLAP-YOURSELF COMPETITION’ for all of you.

All good things in life are for free?

Life- undoubtedly the most beautiful and the most precious gift one could ever get. The unfathomable bliss in listening to the chirping birds, in feeling the warmth of the balmy spring; to give and to get love, to smile and to laugh. Yes, this was only what life was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be about working hard, utilizing all the bountiful blessings of the Almighty and Nature, and rejoicing. However, since Adam and Eve did their sin and descended to the Earth as a penalty, we being their descendants have to bear the brunt. As such, life today is not only about smiles and laughter, but also about sobs and sniffles which we ourselves and allowed to dominate over us.


In the present scenario, life is not about ‘living’ happily, but about managing, anyhow, to earn a handsome ‘living’. We are at a phase where people have started treating this very ‘living’ as a permission to enjoy living their own lives. Consequently, we see people engrossed in a rat race, foregoing, or rather losing all that they have. No wonder we see estranged families, envious colleagues and selfishness all around. We see people drowning in the quagmire of melancholy because they couldn’t make it to the top and we see people flying in the airs of arrogance because they managed to make it to the top. These very causes are perhaps the major reasons as to why we started being pessimistic about life and its ways, as to why we started being cynical enough to compare life with an insurmountable problem. What we don’t realize is that life is not about getting but about giving. Nobody can in any way stop us from sustaining in the society but we ourselves.

All good things in life are for free

It doesn’t matter how much living we make, for as rightly said, “All good things in life are for free”. What would be the living of a person who is at a higher post than yours? Perhaps a few thousands more? Does this fact ever make his family love him more and your family love you less? Or does nature become more bountiful to him and less to you after getting to know your wages? No. The status of his rank only and only defines how much living he makes, not the way he lives his life.

The living you make never describes the character you have or the person you are. You might be a lower class fellow, or even a middle class one for that matter, and still earn loads of love, respect and plenty of compassionate helping hands if you are good to others. On the contrary, you might be the Boss of a big company, earning a very handsome salary. But will the salary ever earn true love, respect and compassion for you? People might even hate you if you aren’t’t good to them. This way, you will rather end up earning more hatred and curses, more plotters and haters. Consequently, you will have a very uneasy and treacherous life, full of loneliness, fear and insecurity. Better to say, you will have no life at all.

We have been blessed by God in order that we may bless the lives of others. The wealth accumulated over the years will have no meaning or use once you depart from this world. On the other hand, the love, support you gave to people will always be in their hearts. Beautiful acts of spontaneous generosity will give you that unfathomable and inexpressive inner happiness which is hard to find in the modern day.

As rightly said, what we give to others is what we get. If we do our bit to make other’s lives better, they will do their bit in making our lives better. If we give love and respect to others and help them in their need, we will get love and help from others in our need. Herein we see that by giving life to others, we give life to ourselves, the life as it was supposed to be-full of compassion and smiles. The living we get has nothing to do with the lives we make and this is aptly summed up when we say, “We make a living by what we get, we make life by what we give.”

An Unusual Love Affair

I pucker my lips, ready to take in, and open my mouth, only to listen to my inner self screaming at its highest pitch!
“No! Don’t do it. I am not satisfied. If at all you care for me, get me what i want”.

But then i try to calm it saying, ‘this is not as bad as you think and good for you too unlike your love to that insanely harmful & vicious …..’

“Stop it! Not one more word! I hate you.”

And in that moment,all of a sudden, my hand twitched and the hot Tea spill all over my lap.

Yes. I tried to force myself into drinking Tea instead of Coffee. And my inner passionate self whose love for coffee is climbing Mt.Everest day-by-day has defeated me in trying to avoid coffee.


I am a person with simple beliefs that ‘nothing should be excessive, lest it turns poisonous’. Now its not that difficult to understand, is it? Yet, the other me doesn’t get it quite right. I ( both me and the other me) have loved coffee ever since i took the first sip of that instant-mix you get in the market.

But as time went by, there came the side-effects of having too much of it. Its more like, i can’t get my head straight without having a sip of it everyday and when i drink it, there’s acidity in the alimentary canal. Its like something is lacking in your daily routine if you don’t have it. I had this insane desire of wanting to smell it, feel it and drink it everyday and once i have the first sip, i feel that all my grey cells start working faster than usual, my body feels strangely warm and relaxed.

Now my logical self, which is the actual ME, has realized that this is going to be a problem someday in the long run. So i tried to chide the other me. It feigned fear, and then got back its usual self and continued the love affair with coffee. I felt dejected. I need to control it. Yes, i am a control freak and i wanted myself to control my love for coffee. Yet, it didn’t happen.

So one day i give an ultimatum to it and stopped having coffee. Thought to myself that if i substitute it by another supplement before completely stopping, i can overcome the desire. TEA was my first and only option. So i resorted to it.

Day after day i’ve been giving myself tea instead of coffee so that the other me doesn’t recognize the sudden change. But it did! It tried to reason with me and i neglected it.

“Tea is fine…but doesn’t have the ambience of coffee. Coffee is much better y’know”

‘Yeah.Fine.Just drink it up.Does no harm’

“Alright, just this time. Next time its gonna be coffee,okay?”

‘You bet! Definitely’

The other time, it was bit more serious.

“How can you drink something like this?! I mean, seriously?!! This is not cool. I need you to understand that i can no more tolerate this.”

I didn’t give my two pence for its so-called threats.

And day by day i started conquering it. But something changed. I was no more happy. The inner bliss is lost. But i was adamant to control myself. And simultaneously unhappy.

Finally it rebuked that i spilled it all over! And only then did i realize what’s going on.

Sometimes, somethings are not good for us if overdone. But we can’t abandon them completely; they gotta exist in our lives. Just like people. Though they are not-so-good influence, without them, life is not so enjoyable. It creates a void. Which can’t be filled by Tea or anything better. You just gotta cut yourself some slack and try to be easy on yourself for the sake of happiness.

Tears started rolling by after that incident(Tea was way too hot and burned me like hell, you see!).And i cleaned up, strode towards kitchen, to make myself coffee and promised to never ‘over-do’ it so that i can satisfy both the persons inside me.

END OF THE STORY! People who got bored after reading this post can go have coffee. And people who found this article worthwhile, never lose the coffee of your lives. And don’t over-do it either.ADIOS.

Waiting to Fall In love with the new urban city – Gurgaon

One Sunday, I decided to write about something that has been in my mind since I have settled in the new city. Here my life has been like a honey bee and yes I want life the other way too.
In the past seven years, the Gurgaon city has turned into a totally different habitat. A decade has passed when I accompanied my folks and family friends to this city and saw the widespread farmlands and a countable number of huge corporate buildings. As far as I remember, at that time none could depended on public means of transportation and they were out of sight all along the journey within the area, now so-called ‘the millennium city’.


The roads were as broad as highways without dividers. On either side of the road, there were countable trees; barren lands; cattle and their owners walking in the sun. In the present changed scenario, commutation facilities have quadrupled along with exponentially increasing population. Introduction of metro train, cabs, auto rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws have shown easy access to difficult places in the city.

Apartments/societies, business hubs, manufacturing units, corporate sectors, innumerable malls, shops, etc. act like magnets for those who want to dwell in the urban place with comforts, lots of choices and luxury. The newspapers, political bodies, media do often come up with a debate on ‘whether SEZ areas been exploited rightfully’. This discussion cum debate is unending. Well, to my eyes, the city appears as a jungle of concrete buildings. No doubts that I am social, love being entertained, ready for adventures, get-together with friends and family friends.  Also, there comes a time when I start missing  the beauty of  nature and the raw.


How come is it possible to paint my place with the shades I like? I love gardening, greens, animals and birds, but the society does not let owners have pets, and gardening gets limited to small pots. I thought, ‘now the terrace can only be used for feeding the birds with water and grains’. But when the terrace floor became hard to clean, then in a monthly meeting of the society, the maintenance team came up with an unwelcoming rule of not feeding birds in the terrace or society park and for avoiding future trouble they added a rule ‘no pets by the owners in our society‘.

The parks are miles away from my residence. So for the sake of health I got myself a gym-cycle and go out for jogs early morning. Faces of the strangers I regularly see in the morning walks are now familiar to me and they are either behind or ahead of me, all walking or jogging. Sometimes it seems we all are in queue on the narrow roads in fact lanes and doing a group walk. It becomes quite irritating when I want people to stay away from me. The world seems to be squeezed and all diametrically around the center ‘me’, be it anywhere, except inside my house. During night if I want to go out for walk under the open sky, it is again restricted within the boundaries of the cemented area and the small green patch. The place is actually damn unsafe in the dark. Till my teens and early twenties I lived in different cities and experiences say that the night life outside home was about open skies, clouds, stars and moon, sounds of nocturnal animals and insects. Here in Gurgaon, night life is safer in the area surrounded by walls  be it inside any building, house, bar, pub, car. Outside you can  easily spot rash driving vehicles, drunkards, damaged roads, water-logged lanes during rainy season, mob attacks , robbery, etc. Hey common attackers, give us little leniency, some liberty and let people breathe a little. Why the police to public ratio are so low?  Aaarrrh…. now I am looking to the bright sides!

When not at work, during weekends I engage myself in lot of activities and extract the best.  I starve for that open sky and fresh air.  Is it because of a busy work schedule or because I have not seen beauty of nature since a long time or I want early retirement from work? I talked to every one about this itch in my mind, and they all said it happens. May be a ‘vacation’ was a common answer, but there are many who don’t at all like to travel, exhausting for them.

If you are in Gurgaon and searching for some not so well-known place/ building, the Google maps, the common people, the public transports are all useless. There are no display boards to guide the sectors, blocks and roads. You keep on playing merry-go-round,  land up into a new unknown area and finally ‘eureka’. That point of time is when you want to applaud for yourself and repent for the fuel expenditure. I am trying to describe Gurgaon and all I am doing is highlighting its prominent features.  It needs ample of time to understand and get along comfortably with anything new. It is applicable to me and some of you. So I decided to  go for a date – date my city. Do not know whether it will work and have no idea how long I will take to fall in love with Gurgaon.

I decided to take a leave. I needed a break from my work that had bogged me into it since months. In office after finishing my report, I looked at the calendar.Friday was  a public holiday and  Saturday and Sunday – the weekends. Till evening tea, I planned my short vacation. So on Friday, my friend and I had a brunch and went out to explore Gurgaon. Actually there is a lot to explore… Here after every 10 minutes on the way, one may find wine shops and beer bars. At least 5 discotheques are available in each mall. Men and women like to hang out there and I too often land on those floors. We headed for a lake – ‘Dumduma lake in Gurgaon’. The long drive on the roads was relaxing and fun unless after 1 hour drive, we both found that we had lost our ways. Finally we reached the spot, after mapping the routes.  After strolling and sitting in the green for 1 hour in the winter morning, we steered our way towards the capital  and that is again another big story about what we did and experienced there.

Coming back to the point, I was conveying my emotions. To be honest, I am waiting for the time when I admit ‘I have fallen in love with my city’. It has been five long years and I should become acquainted to everyone and everything here around. I have been to many places that have remembered me and I too love them back  (including Delhi too). Then why it has been so that Gurgaon has not made a place in my heart? May be I have to make a place in Gurgaon’s heart. May be I spent a lot of time travelling different places and now I settled in a place where the crowd around me is still like a stranger for me. May be it will it take time for the love to blossom and maybe we need some more time and understanding.

The Big Obese Indian Wedding

Marriage is one of the biggest and happiest occasion for people in this world but in country like ours…i feel people live for this day.Not only the bride and the groom but the whole family and relatives go to the extent of hysterics even at the thought of the word “marriage”. Everyone’s happy for something or the other unknown reasons.There are so many small small functions in which the whole family participates with full enthusiasm.Even relatives who are not in talking terms with you suddenly become friendly….so in short everything looks good and feels great to be part of the big Indian wedding.BUT what irks me about this big fat Indian wedding is the term itself “BIG FAT”….i feel the term used should be OBESE!!!


Marriages in India are treated as a form of business nowadays. Even in well reputed families….before starting talks about a suitable match, people generally ask that how much money are they going to spend on wedding….rubbish!!!!.And if you think that there are people who are against dowry or do not demand anything from the bride’s side….then you are highly mistaken.Even those people would generally say that the bride side may do whatever is their capability or in better words…”we don’t want anything….we just want your daughter:):)….if you really want to give anything…give it to your daughter:):)”…wow!!…that’s such a brilliant thinking.Now what such dialogues do is…they put bride’s side in a fix!!!.They really try out of their comfort zone….to give their daughter all the comforts they can.

May be for giving the so called comforts they may have to sell a piece of land or old jewelry or may be spend out of their own capabilities by taking loans!!.They give her all materialistic things like TV,AC,Car and other innumerable stuff. I just don’t understand one thing….were the groom’s side living in a jungle or a lagoon that they don’t even have such basic amenities or are they habitual of taking such expensive items as a form of gift.The society should understand that the girl can and should live in the same place with exactly same conditions as her future husband and his family lives.

Now the most important part comes is the plight of a girl…apart from the fact that she has to leave her home,her family and friends to a new place where she has to adjust with new surroundings,environment and people who are more interested in the stuff she has brought…….she is expected to be beautiful,fair,tall,well educated and well mannered.And if she has a well paying job thats the best thing that can happen..but she should also be able to churn up tasty meals every time she cooks….ummm….she has to be a superwoman.But what people should really know is that in today”s world parents take equal pains and labour to make their kids successful in professional front…be it a girl or a boy…few can be doctors..engineers or scientists…may be managerial jobs.These young professionals are capable enough to make it big in future to earn sufficiently for themselves and their families.They have promising careers but by giving dowry in the name of gifts and tokens they make the girl feel low and incapable.She feels that all these things are necessary to be given because may be she herself is not capable to be represented alone in other’s house.She needs to accessories herself with all these things and gifts so that she is accepted in the other family with all respect.I mean just look at the confusion in the girl’s mind….at professional front she heads for a successful and bright future with lots of confidence in her and on the other hand when she is married and goes to a household which she has to consider as her own ….such malpractices really downs her morale a lot!!!

Had the groom and his family accepted her the way she is without any tantrums…she might have considered herself the luckiest girl in the universe.No matter how happy or tough the future life would have been…she would have given thousand times more respect to the groom and his family…

Well i don’t know if there is any solution for this problem in society as ours….whereby we have entered the year 2013…but behave as if we are still living in the indus valley civilization where the dead was buried with all the things to be used in later life.What i feel is that this practice of exchanging gifts should be stopped immediately…there should be a limit to the splurging in organizing parties or better still…the bride and groom should organize the party with whatever savings they have.

Also read – Oh, God yeh shaadi ka chakkar.

But one thing is for sure that to stop these unnecessary evils….the society should change…and as we form the society so we should take the initiative to bring about the change.One small step from our side in a positive direction will bring about a big change in the way our so called society.And please who so ever is reading this may suggest some points to ward this evil so common in all strata of our society:)

The endless fight for that 1 mark

The endless fight for that 1 mark…

I have always loathed people who crib and beg in front of the teacher for that 1 mark. I haven’t understood the logic yet and thank god for saving me from this illogical mentality.  I think its a  blind and baseless craziness to hover around teacher’s head until they grace with an extra mark for stupid reasons like writing an extra page for a 2 marker, or a better handwriting.  I don’t know whom to blame – teachers, parents or students themselves.


Often parents and teachers use marks to judge smart from dumb. But do good marks actually reflect one’s intelligence???  Someone is good in maths, for others its a myth. So, not everyone can be weighed in one balance.

Sonal Kalra’s Tips on How to Deal with Examination Stress.

Parents ka atyachaar

Instead of relieving the stress of their kids, parents often pump up competition up till their throats until they are choked and pressurized to score a perfect 100. Why don’t students just focus on building concepts. Focus should be more on practical usage of knowledge, its implementation in real world.

Hitler Teachers

I am not against teachers rewarding good answers , but following an answer key so strictly, which actually focuses on bookish terms rather than creativity, will hamper the minds of young students, developing them into cramming robots. Teachers often encourage students to follow the book jargon, terms and cramming  like a parrot.

The Indian boards marking scheme

Our Indian CBSE board has introduced grading system for 10th boards, relieving those vexed nerves of students.  Now our little nervous minds can focus more on content rather than cribbing about perfect 10 answers. But limiting this system to 10th standard marking system does not solve the problem in real sense. They still will have to face the 12th boards with the same marking scheme which will instill a sense of discrimination among students.

Being Calm

We need to be calm, composed and give our young minds, some time to relax, and ponder over where their talent and passion lies. I am sure after that there will not be a war for that one extra mark, because every one will be confident and perfect.

The Rancho funda

In the end , I would like to quote a  dialogue from Amir khan’s 3 idiot: ‘Do not chase after success,chase after excellence and success will chase after you’!!

So all my friends, please relax before exams, give your best shot !! Kamyaabi tumhare peechhe jhakk marke zaroor ayegi… 🙂

Science suck all of us not always but sometimes !!!

Having completed  two years of my B. tech course most of my friends will surely consider me insane when I am the one saying so but most of you will get to know why I m saying so soon after reading this . After a deep retrospection I have concluded that many of the inventions of science has actually ruined our lives ,oh! wait The science lovers please don’t take it too personally, I beg. Whether it is about telephone ,mobile phones ,television , SMS, Facebook or on an advanced level of destruction all the nuclear weapons and missiles . Actually the fact is

The goal of Science and Engineering is to create better mousetraps where the goal of the nature is to make us better mouse

Telephones : Ok I understand that telephones were invented for building healthy  relations by bridging the gap between people being miles away but what about two people residing at a distance of 1/2 km. People residing at a distance of 1/2 km don’t even see each other for months and all thanks to telephone .


Mobile phones : I remember an incident when my friend came to my house where instead of pressing the door bell she opted  calling me for opening the door . Thanks to mobile phones that now girls have one more reason to worry about the sexual abuses  taking place . Imagine a gadget attached to you twenty-four hours as if it has become your body part.

 SMS : where SMS was a short message service it is no more like that. Judging someone’s emotional state through smileys present on SMS is like smelling a food and waiting for Domino to deliver a pizza .

 One recent piece of research shows that “periodically checking your e-mail lowers your cognitive performance level to that of a drunk.” I don’t understand then why the hell it was invented .

Facebook  : Ample credit goes to Facebook for unwrapping our privacy and impairing our social life. Now if a  person  goes for a movie instead of watching movie he/she updates the status sitting in a cinema hall .Yes off course through Facebook you have the ability to pry into those people social , and in some cases, their private lives. Earlier we used to wait eagerly to go on a vacation and discuss each and ever moment you enjoyed there with your friends and now around thousands of friends know in which restaurant you will be  having  dinner tonight .

Where science has played so much with the environment creating havoc the sad part is it is very much escapade in providing its cure . A recent example is flooding of Uttarakhand area . Even the helicopters which have been counted as one of the most important inventions of science were incapable in saving most of the people ultimately army men saved the struck people in that havoc.

“they predicted that the world is going to end on December 21 , where they can barely predict weather”

nuclear weapons and missiles : if we look into broader sense may be the inventors had an intention of destroying a country and encouraging terrorism while creating it .

 All the laws of thermodynamics , Newton, Einstein fails when it comes to the effects  these weapons cause on a human being or any living creature

I am not sure how clouds get formed. But the clouds know how to do it, and that is the important thing.”
No wonder science has made our lives extremely comfortable but in a long run it has made us its  slave leading us to live an artificial life . We cannot run away from science as it has done a lot of good things to us for sure but we can plan our schedule in such a way that we get enough time to breathe without stress of not texting someone or when we have missed out to put a status or when we haven’t received your friend’s call .
Selecting a day in  where you are away from  mobile phones, laptops, interne and television.
 Switching of your mobile phones and not using camera’s while we are on vacation.
 ” Some of these points will surely help us in giving us time to live life rather spending it and then science will not be a sucker anymore”.

Loving But Sometime Strange

Finally I am at home, enjoying  mama’s delicacies, 24*7 internet, awesome time with friends, no classes, no study( as if I studied in hall 9!),a bit of scolding every now and then and much-2 more!!

I have been writing a lot of poems lately, but I feel that the writer inside me is banging on the closet to get out, to be free… (He! He! I like fancy writing!!)

Ok! Now the writer is free. What about the TOPIC? What should I write about?!..

As I was wondering, MOM came in. She looked serious.

“Beta! Why don’t you put that brown Monkey Cap.? It’s getting so cold; you will catch Cold soon “she asked.

I gave her an astonished look. “Come on! MOM! I am sitting in my room not on a mountain, am not gonna put that stupid-brown-monkey-cap anyways. (I was serious; I was not going to be a laugh stock for visitors!)

Loving But Sometime Strange

Mom gave me dirty looks. “With how much love, I had made it for you? And you used to like it earlier. But now you don’t care at all!”She said in a disappointed voice. Before I could try something, she went away.

I felt absurd. What’s my mistake? Should I have put that cause-of-matter cap? Did I hurt her? Was I rude? Ewwwh! How on earth I used to like that Brown-monkey-Cap?

Next, in a moment of sheer enlightenment I got my topic…… (Drum roll! Please?)…….PARENTS!!

Ok! I am sure about this fact that we guys don’t connect the word “interesting” with Parents (though the word LOVING is always attached to them) but I want you to ogle at this topic.

Everyone loves his parents. So do I. Could still remember, the day when I cried more than a bride when mom and Dad left me in school in K.G.?You know what? I got teased for this, by my female classmate till class 8 after which I went to a BOY’S school. I just took all that embarrassment to prove how much we love our parents… (You can salute me! I am ok with it)

They are our idol in some ways. I still couldn’t make out dads secret to handle situations so calmly and make friends so easily, when everybody around him is dead silent. Mom is really a very hard working woman, who has carried her responsibility so well and Mind it! She is a top seed bargainer … ( I never told her that I had bought the same jeans she gifted..But had to pay twice)

But we can’t skip the fact that parents can be really bugging at times. For instance, they won’t let you keep your mobile under your pillow at nights. They will safeguard you from the ghosts of late night talks and texts and if you protest “Dad why can’t I have my mobile with me at nights?”Then you better be ready for some cross questions (counter strike may be a better word….and i am a big pf the game also)

What do you have to do with it, at such a late time? Who calls you that late? What stupid, good-for-nothing jokes you have to send..?

“Dad! I keep my alarms on my mobile!” I replied to deliver some sense.

“NONSENSE! Who would require an alarm to get up at 10 in the morning?”He says angrily. Next, I forfeit.

Another time, you will play the awesome game of prince of Persia (warrior within) on your P.C. and Dad will come from behind, stare at the desktop and start his monologue” What aim do you think it will serve you? All you doing is banging the ‘poor’ keyboard buttons and killing people in that virtual world.”

Hello??  Dad! I am the Prince here, Prince Of Persia, to be precise and am just fighting for my empire! ( I could feel a sword in my hand that time)

Whatever? Finish it soon! I want you to read an editorial in today’s newspaper, written by Rajdeep Sardesai, be sure that you do it because I will discuss it with you later.

“DAMN…..!!” is all you say and that to softly.

If there is a special occasion like you going out with your family then MOM will make it sure that  you become a CLOTH-STOCK. She just decorates so many clothes on you that anyone can mistake you for a BOMB-DIFFUSING squad member than a party guy.

Don’t talk about social networking with parents. You don’t have to thank MR. KAPIL SIBAL for that, actually parents and social media have dynastic hatred. I was more screwed up than ARJUNA ( I just love putting those extra A) in MAHABHARATA when Dad  asked me the password of my GMAIL account. Poor I, LORD KRISNA didn’t come for my rescue.

i still remember the scenario when   i wrote the poem “Girl! Somehow, one day, you will read these lines”? No Son would like his parents to come across such a poem written by him only. At least I wouldn’t. But thanks to ALMIGHTY (who has decided to use all His might against me) it came across DAD.

Casually, DAD read the title loudly and he was shocked, he read it again (softer this time). He slowly went through the body (of poem, off course!), gave me a strange look, I nervously stood next to him. He continued reading (with every passing stanza his voice became softer). It’s really an absurd feeling to hear stuffs like “flirt”,” you will be mine”, an arrow struck at my heart”..etc..etc…in your DAD’s voice only.. I wanted to a dig a pit and slip into it till DAD forget about the poem, I also cursed myself for writing long poems.

Finally poem was red; DAD was silent and serious with his eyes still on poem. Tension had enveloped the environment. “So I guess all this stuff is imaginary?” he asked with his eyebrows lifted.

“Sure! Dad, it’s all about imagination” I meekly replied.

“OH! …..Nice Piece, anyways” he smiled with a hint of glee and then he went away.

It’s really hard to understand your parents sometimes. It may because till the extent of our perspective they are only parents and just-only parents, nothing else. But they are more …..just like us yet so different. So loving yet so strange.

The Friday Funda: The ‘Confession Page’ Rage

I went to Baba Google recently and said, “Baba! These days’ people are crazy about confession pages. They post whatever comes to their mind on a confession page. I am not on any of the confession pages so far but, wish to join one. Before that, I want to know the exact meaning of the word “CONFESSION”. Is shabd par prakash daalo baba.” Google Baba was ready with 1 crore 47 lakh results in 0.27 seconds after hearing my prashna.

Baba said, “Son! Confession means ‘An admission or acknowledgment that one has done something that one is ashamed or embarrassed about.'”
I replied, “But Baba, people are not using confession pages as per this definition. Instead of admitting something they are embarrassed about, they write something that embarrasses others. I am not delighted to see the direction these confession pages are moving towards.”
At last Baba said, “Dear! You can do one thing in that case, and that is, making “CONFESSION PAGES” a target in this week’s ‘The Friday Funda’. Tathaastu!

Here I am, with this week’s write-up which will talk about confession pages going viral around the web these days. Confession pages have been created for everything, from an educational institution to your local vegetable market, where the vegetable vendor confesses that, he charged Rs.10 extra from a regular customer, and still didn’t give her coriander for free.
Youngsters are found hitting “Likes” and posting comments on confession pages at the speed of a supercomputer. Students are finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies, and login to their social accounts after every half an hour. Hahaha! Ye toh main kam bol raha hoon. Actually, they log in after every five minutes. No?  Chalo yaar sach toh ye hai kay they don’t log-out from their social accounts.

[stextbox id=”info”]When you get the privilege to share your confessions without revealing your identity (anonymously), then you are expected to be responsible enough not to name anyone else as well in your confessions. Otherwise, the whole purpose gets defeated. This is what is being observed on almost all of the confession pages on Facebook. This is what prompted us to launch a separate website – where one can share only clean remarks as a part of your confessions and all the comments get duly moderated.[/stextbox]

Initially started as a medium to confess anything anonymously, these so-called confession pages have become a place to post offensive remarks about colleagues, educators and organizations. These confessions include students poking fun at the body language and style of their tutors, ‘dilphenk aashiqs’ confessing their attraction for a crush, whom they name openly on the confession page. Confession pages are turning into dating sites.

The purpose of starting confession pages is not clear even to the admins of these pages. Bas, sab ek hi raag aalaaptey hain “guys and gals! This page is for fun purposes.” Does that mean you can poke fun at others by naming them openly on a page? Many people, including me, do not support the very concept of confession pages because though these pages might have been launched for recharging your batteries by reading humorous but acceptable confessions, these pages have now become a source of foul comments and humiliating confessions. I don’t say that this freedom to express oneself should be withdrawn by blocking these pages, but some rules should be adhered to while posting on these confession leaves. These pages are being used to spit out hatred for a person, an institution, a law or a system and that my dear readers, is very upsetting. It seems as if some people are using confession pages as a weapon to start a cold war with someone.

On March 29, 2013 the Dean of Mumbai’s Government Dental College, lodged an official complaint against a Facebook page titled ‘GDC Mumbai Confessions’ with the city police’s Cyber Crime Cell. The ‘confessions’ GDC students posted on this page contained derogatory remarks about female classmates and criticism of the teachers.

Confessions posted on these pages are fun for those who post them but, a source of stress for the targets. It would be better if the administrators filter the content they receive before finally publishing it but, the administrators do not take this step because the inappropriate confessions are tagged as ‘sensational’. Facebook confession pages started spreading like an epidemic a few months ago and now these are eating up everyone’s valuable time like a disease. A regular Facebook user is observed to be active on at least three confession pages each day. All confession pages are not being exploited but you never know, an anonymous comment might come and spoil the page.

This new trend hypnotizes people in the age group of 16-25 and frights the coaches and the management of various institutions. Some people who have been targets on confession pages have posted requests to admins for removing derogatory posts but their requests are straightway rejected in the name of “take it as a joke” phrase.

[stextbox id=”alert”]BTW, we have created a separate confession page for Fans of Sonal Kalra as well.[/stextbox]


  • Administrators of various confession pages and sites claim that they review content before making it public.
  • Facebook reviews pages on its site on a daily basis and takes immediate action on any content marked objectionable by the users.

Let me shed light on the fact that confessions posted on these confession pages are stored permanently in the web space. Misuse of these confession pages can land the person found guilty in trouble, as confessions can be traced. These confessions are anonymous on the face, but the person behind can be found out by tracking the Internet Protocol (IP address) of the user.
Facebook users have delivered mixed reactions to these confession pages. I am a regular Facebook user too and fall in the category of those who neither target nor are targets on a confession page. I am not on any of the Facebook confession pages. It might be possible that a silly confessor targets my write-up on a confession page. The best thing I can do about this is not joining a confession page and just IGNORE, IGNORE & IGNORE!

So, what’s your opinion regarding these confession pages? Confess it at See you next Friday  🙂

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