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Do I Look Fat? Yes, You Do [Feedback]

This column was published on 11/9/11 in HT City. Here is an excerpt;

“Here are so many weird people in this world. As you will realise soon, this sentence has no connection whatsoever with the topic of this week’s column, but I still felt like starting out by saying this. Maybe I’m one of them. Anyway, here’s what inspired me to write this one. Went to a shopping mall. Mission: to buy a dress for a cousin’s wedding (yes, I did try to dissuade him, he doesn’t listen). There was this young girl there, who had come with an aim to try every damn T-shirt manufactured in the history of that store. So, she kept zooming in and out of the fitting room with two extremely distressed and hapless guys standing outside. Her boyfriend… and the salesman.”

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Sonal has very rightly pointed out that this actually doesn’t matter to anyone as long as you yourself don’t bad about it. Or else start worrying to such an extent that the related stress directly affects your waistline and bring it close to size zero. These days “Do I Look Fat”  is a common syndrome among girls of any age. Most of the people (or women I should say) have this misconception that to look good one has to be slim to maximum possible extent. This is not even close to true. I have seen many girls who inspite of being very thin just don’t look good at all mostly because of inappropriate dressing sense. On the other hand, even most fatty women sometimes look amzing if dressed appropriately.


Your confidence, your feel good factor about yourself will make you look good automatically irrespective of your waist size. Being thin doesn’t automatically make you look like a model and similarly, being fatty won’t make you look bad always. Question ” Do I Look Fat” is nothing more than a condition of a self doubt. Asking this question repeatitively won’t make you think by itself. So better stop having any self doubt about your looks and stop asking this question and you will automatically start feeling good.

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C’mon,out with it now, A calmer you [Feedback]

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This column was published on 4/9/11 in HT City. Here is an excerpt;

“Arrey,why are you getting worked up? I know he has bigger, better causes to fight for, but trust me, this problem is lethal.Log munh bana lete hainaur batate nahi kya problem hai. Now tell me, is it any less stressful to cope with such stress-gifters?I normally don’t repeat a topic that’s already been discussed in this column but making an exception this time and taking up something I wrote about last year as well… because I continue to get mails from so many of you who are troubled on account of sulking, or the tendency of a person to withdraw and stay aloof. “

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Excellent column by Sonal giving calmness tips once again to so called sulkers or people who don’t share and keep quite mostly within themselves. These are really great tips which can help people come out and start sharing and caring. When we talk about such people or observe people who prefer to keep everything just within themselves, we will most often find different behavioural traits leading the people to such a stage. We can not rule out that there are people who must have got some really serious issues in their life which makes them turn into sulkers. But then, we will also find many who would sulk only to prove that their problem is bigger than everyone else.

Each one of us do face our share of problem and issues in life. But there comes a time when the problem become a bit out of control or unbearable, then we must look out to our friends and dear ones to seek solution. However, 25% of the solution of the most of the routine problems of life lies in just sharing which means if a person can really share the problem with someone he/she trust, then the rest of the solution seems quite easier. However, not everyone is able to realize that and instead of sharing, prefer to keep everything withing him/herself. This is when we see them depressed or hopeless most of the time.

It is also true that sometime the problem is so intense that person is just not able to share it inspite of wanting to share. I think, in such cases the close friends may have to go out of the way to help that person even if the person him/herself is not opening up or giving any clue. In these days on internet, it may even be easier because you can communicate with person via email, chat or whatever. Chances of the sulker’s opening up and sharing his problem via such channels is quite high as he/she is not bothered about going through the embarassment which would have been while sharing face to face.