Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

a calmer you column in board exams ki tou calmness tips fight stress

Stand up. Don’t think just stand up. Walk up to the nearest mirror. Look at the face that stares back at you. Does he or she seem like a dimwit moron? No? Then, why does life treat you like one, yaar? Note: All the lazy ones who have now sat down in the washroom to continue reading the paper among, err… other activities, have lost the right to answer this question. Competition, they say, is one of the foundations on which human race thrives. We need to compete with each other to bring out the best in us, and grow in life. […]

Introducing the Time-Wasters Association of India - Time management tips

Aur Kya? Jaan le rakhi hai. Mom told me early on that some people are gifted. They can talk well. I’ve now come across a breed of gifted ones who can really talk… well… nonstop. Today happens to be the day that I was born on, just a few years ago. I’m desperately trying to meet the deadline of filing this column so that I can dutifully enjoy as so many birthday wishes are asking me to. But would some people let that happen? No way. A God’s-gift-to-humanity from the neighbourhood just dropped in as he had decided to say hi. The monologue […]

have we understood real men women safety a calmer you column

If you think raising a voice for women means raising a voice against all men, you may have lost the plot already Sorry, this week’s column is not going to make you laugh. It might make you think, which is also not a bad thing, if done in moderation. As tough as it is for me personally, to remain serious for long, there is surely something that snaps inside when I read about nightmares such as the one that befell the 23-year-old pub worker in Gurgaon last week. You know, all along while growing up, we are told that it’s unsafe for girls […]

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