Join Safe in The City–Real Men Campaign by HT City

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The recent rape of 23 years old pub worker in Delhi-NCR has again resulted into protests by various social rights groups in the NCR. Even many celebrities have been supporting the cause and showing the concern for Safe In The City – Real Men Campaign. Actress Gul Panag tweeted, “Dear Administrations of NCR, we understand u can’t protect us after dark, can we only pay 50% of r taxes ? ( for only 50% protection) (sic).”

Join Safe in The City–Real Men Campaign by HT City

How to Join Safe In The City – Real Men Campaign by HT City

HT City has launched a special campaign to create awareness about how unsafe women feel in Delhi NCR and what can be done to make the city more safer and secured for women. Safe In The City has been kicked off with the ‘Real Men …’ campaign on Facebook.

There are many other different ways by which you can volunteer for this Safe In The City Campaign. As per information provided by HT City;

1.) Visit the official HT City facebook page & tell HT City via posts nd comments, how can Safety of Women be increased.
2.) Make ur own Meme. Meme is a sort of online Easily Customizable Poster which allows u 2 add ur… own name and complete the “REAL MEN……” posters.The link is visible on HT City fb page.Share ur Meme by taking a screenshot nd posting it on HT CIty page nd ur fb profiles.
3.)Stay updated abt the campaign by reading HT City.
4.) The Campaign is in its initial stages. We will continue 2 provide daily updates via texts nd posts.
5.) U cn also mail the HT City team 2 knw more abt d campaign.

They also plan to launch a special self defence training program and an online space to invite women of the city to tell and share their real life stories about how safe, unsafe they feel and what can be done to raise the safety level in the city for women.

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    real man respect the dignity of women

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