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We all are living in a world of illusion. Whenever you feel one with the world, realty slaps you hard on your face and forcibly makes you realize where u actually stands in this so called real world. You feel crushed from inside trying to deal with unbearable pain.

What We Think of Life?

Actually, the biggest irony of life is that you don’t get what you deserve; instead you get all that shit for which you have been pleading to God with a bleeding heart not to take place in your life. LIFE- An illusion you will live for all the years to come.

What Actually HAPPENS in LIfe?

There are times when you are unable to figure out what actually is running in your mind. At the same time when people around you behave vaguely putting you in a more hazy state of mind, is the time when you should leave everything in God’s hands expecting a brighter sun which will show you who are yours or who just have knocked at your doors to made you learn something you have never wished for otherwise.

Though these are times when your heart cries for more clarity & more true people around you who loves you for what you are rather than taking you as an option when they have nothing in their hands, but at the end of the day you learn something new which in return makes you wiser than before.


The only thing we can do while fighting with such blurry & lonely times is to wish for it to pass away as soon as possible and wish for the sun of life or time shine more brilliantly to show us the path to what our heart wants and the blessings coming our way.

[stextbox id=”black”]“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” 
―    Robert Frost[/stextbox]

What should we DO?

Most of us think that loneliness hurts a lot but it is not painful as painful as people taking you as an option in their lives. You only come in the picture when they have their own interests involved. When we are alone, there is no one to crush our emotions under their feet.

It is better to let go such people from your life. Don’t try to hold on to them. Though it’s not easy but by letting them go we create space for people who love us for who we are and respect our feelings too

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Today's Viral Video - Must Watch & Share. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

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