Science suck all of us not always but sometimes !!!

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Having completed  two years of my B. tech course most of my friends will surely consider me insane when I am the one saying so but most of you will get to know why I m saying so soon after reading this . After a deep retrospection I have concluded that many of the inventions of science has actually ruined our lives ,oh! wait The science lovers please don’t take it too personally, I beg. Whether it is about telephone ,mobile phones ,television , SMS, Facebook or on an advanced level of destruction all the nuclear weapons and missiles . Actually the fact is

The goal of Science and Engineering is to create better mousetraps where the goal of the nature is to make us better mouse

Telephones : Ok I understand that telephones were invented for building healthy  relations by bridging the gap between people being miles away but what about two people residing at a distance of 1/2 km. People residing at a distance of 1/2 km don’t even see each other for months and all thanks to telephone .


Mobile phones : I remember an incident when my friend came to my house where instead of pressing the door bell she opted  calling me for opening the door . Thanks to mobile phones that now girls have one more reason to worry about the sexual abuses  taking place . Imagine a gadget attached to you twenty-four hours as if it has become your body part.

 SMS : where SMS was a short message service it is no more like that. Judging someone’s emotional state through smileys present on SMS is like smelling a food and waiting for Domino to deliver a pizza .

 One recent piece of research shows that “periodically checking your e-mail lowers your cognitive performance level to that of a drunk.” I don’t understand then why the hell it was invented .

Facebook  : Ample credit goes to Facebook for unwrapping our privacy and impairing our social life. Now if a  person  goes for a movie instead of watching movie he/she updates the status sitting in a cinema hall .Yes off course through Facebook you have the ability to pry into those people social , and in some cases, their private lives. Earlier we used to wait eagerly to go on a vacation and discuss each and ever moment you enjoyed there with your friends and now around thousands of friends know in which restaurant you will be  having  dinner tonight .

Where science has played so much with the environment creating havoc the sad part is it is very much escapade in providing its cure . A recent example is flooding of Uttarakhand area . Even the helicopters which have been counted as one of the most important inventions of science were incapable in saving most of the people ultimately army men saved the struck people in that havoc.

“they predicted that the world is going to end on December 21 , where they can barely predict weather”

nuclear weapons and missiles : if we look into broader sense may be the inventors had an intention of destroying a country and encouraging terrorism while creating it .

 All the laws of thermodynamics , Newton, Einstein fails when it comes to the effects  these weapons cause on a human being or any living creature

I am not sure how clouds get formed. But the clouds know how to do it, and that is the important thing.”
No wonder science has made our lives extremely comfortable but in a long run it has made us its  slave leading us to live an artificial life . We cannot run away from science as it has done a lot of good things to us for sure but we can plan our schedule in such a way that we get enough time to breathe without stress of not texting someone or when we have missed out to put a status or when we haven’t received your friend’s call .
Selecting a day in  where you are away from  mobile phones, laptops, interne and television.
 Switching of your mobile phones and not using camera’s while we are on vacation.
 ” Some of these points will surely help us in giving us time to live life rather spending it and then science will not be a sucker anymore”.
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