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Buy A Calmer You Book Online at Exclusive Highest Discount

Sonal Kalra’s famous best seller book titled A Calmer You is now available to buy online at an exclusive highest discount of whooping 20%. However, this discount is applicable only for the online buying. Wisdom Tree is the publisher of this best seller which deals with day to day stresses of life in a witty and humorous way.

In an easy and charming manner, Sonal Kalra helps us tackle everyday irritants and tension in lifebe it the daily stresses relating to work and colleagues, traffic and road rage, etiquette or self esteem, A Calmer You helps us put our priorities into perspective. Her calmness tips are seemingly simple and amazingly effective. Her insights and experiences are situations we can all relate to, and the wise and often hilarious charactersthe serene Pappu Singh, the incorrigible Chaddha ji and the indefatigable Bubbly Auntypeppered throughout this book offer surprising nuggets of wisdom. A Calmer You is a fun collectionwitty, easy to read, easier to relate to, and full of conclusions that all of us will identify with. You will be left with techniques to achieve tranquility and composure in the face of aggravation, and that too, with a big smile on your face!

[stextbox id=”info”]How to Buy A Calmer You by Sonal Kalra at Highest Discount Online[/stextbox]

You can buy a Calmer You by Sonal Kalra at this highest discount only from flipkart. You get to pay only Rs 196 instead of retail price of Rs. 245 and hence save around Rs 49 which is clear 20% saving.

Do let us know in case you are unable to find the book or unable to get the discount.


This best seller a Calmer You by Sonal Kalra was launched at special event around an year back by Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra. Check out the below image as well as the video of the Mumbai launch of a Calmer You book.


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