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Maid is your new Mom

Perhaps the title does not sound new to you but surely depicts something that will touch you somewhere deep in your mind. While I recently visited a much famous mall in a metropolitan city, I took my child to the play corner. I stepped in with him as he is too young to play alone, I noticed that a majority of children were accompanied by their maids while their mothers were watching from outside. It was not the first time that I was seeing this but surely for the first time I felt this.


In many homes both the parents work. And it is really good that women are becoming more and more aware of their money making potentials and are highly educated. But the point is at least when you are not in your office at least at that time the children deserve your attention. You are standing outside and guiding your maid to handle your child, isn’t it sounds like “outsourcing their work of sharing sweet moments with the child, being a part of his/her life, making them feel happy and secure” ?

I am not against working women, I just want to say that nothing in this world can replace parental attention. Slowly maids are taking up roles of parents.

Better income is does not ensure better quality of life

It would be very apt to say what I have stated above as behavior of children is a product of their environment. If children live with tolerance they turn tolerant, if with criticism, they learn to condemn. If you will praise them, they will learn to appreciate things and if you will teach them sharing, they will become generous.

Also children, when quite young, follow their caretakers, be it their real parents or are the paid ones. The norms and values of your child minders might not be suitable to you. But you do not pay your house help for instilling such values in your child, apart from exceptions; she is just a paid service for outsourcing your job of parenting.

[stextbox id=”black”]Your children need your presence more than your presents.  ~Jesse Jackson[/stextbox]

Problems of skill acquisition

The first three years of a child’s life are very crucial. Physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning is at peak during these crucial years of life. These are the years when rapid development of the brain occurs and any sort of behavioral abnormality can pose future problems in the acquisition of basic skills. How can you expect your maid do help your child in all these things when she herself is too young or is not educated?

Maids are the cheap economic options

Maids are quite economical options to look after the children as they also do additional work. Some mothers are dependent on them, right from the first morning shower of their baby at the time of putting them into bed.

Abstain yourself from creating an emotional void in your child’s life.

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