The endless fight for that 1 mark

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The endless fight for that 1 mark…

I have always loathed people who crib and beg in front of the teacher for that 1 mark. I haven’t understood the logic yet and thank god for saving me from this illogical mentality.  I think its a  blind and baseless craziness to hover around teacher’s head until they grace with an extra mark for stupid reasons like writing an extra page for a 2 marker, or a better handwriting.  I don’t know whom to blame – teachers, parents or students themselves.


Often parents and teachers use marks to judge smart from dumb. But do good marks actually reflect one’s intelligence???  Someone is good in maths, for others its a myth. So, not everyone can be weighed in one balance.

Sonal Kalra’s Tips on How to Deal with Examination Stress.

Parents ka atyachaar

Instead of relieving the stress of their kids, parents often pump up competition up till their throats until they are choked and pressurized to score a perfect 100. Why don’t students just focus on building concepts. Focus should be more on practical usage of knowledge, its implementation in real world.

Hitler Teachers

I am not against teachers rewarding good answers , but following an answer key so strictly, which actually focuses on bookish terms rather than creativity, will hamper the minds of young students, developing them into cramming robots. Teachers often encourage students to follow the book jargon, terms and cramming  like a parrot.

The Indian boards marking scheme

Our Indian CBSE board has introduced grading system for 10th boards, relieving those vexed nerves of students.  Now our little nervous minds can focus more on content rather than cribbing about perfect 10 answers. But limiting this system to 10th standard marking system does not solve the problem in real sense. They still will have to face the 12th boards with the same marking scheme which will instill a sense of discrimination among students.

Being Calm

We need to be calm, composed and give our young minds, some time to relax, and ponder over where their talent and passion lies. I am sure after that there will not be a war for that one extra mark, because every one will be confident and perfect.

The Rancho funda

In the end , I would like to quote a  dialogue from Amir khan’s 3 idiot: ‘Do not chase after success,chase after excellence and success will chase after you’!!

So all my friends, please relax before exams, give your best shot !! Kamyaabi tumhare peechhe jhakk marke zaroor ayegi… 🙂

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Today's Viral Video - Must Watch & Share. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

One thought on “The endless fight for that 1 mark”

  1. Mam i am a great fan of yours.I want to draw your attention towards the people esp B tech who work in BPO. At work ,they are exhausted by the customers,At home everybody told us that we are doing a baseless job for which no body count our experience.Even jab rista ata hai,people told that he is working in a BPO,cannot feed a gal.Is any calmness is there for us so that we can deal with these three stresses

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