An Unusual Love Affair

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I pucker my lips, ready to take in, and open my mouth, only to listen to my inner self screaming at its highest pitch!
“No! Don’t do it. I am not satisfied. If at all you care for me, get me what i want”.

But then i try to calm it saying, ‘this is not as bad as you think and good for you too unlike your love to that insanely harmful & vicious …..’

“Stop it! Not one more word! I hate you.”

And in that moment,all of a sudden, my hand twitched and the hot Tea spill all over my lap.

Yes. I tried to force myself into drinking Tea instead of Coffee. And my inner passionate self whose love for coffee is climbing Mt.Everest day-by-day has defeated me in trying to avoid coffee.


I am a person with simple beliefs that ‘nothing should be excessive, lest it turns poisonous’. Now its not that difficult to understand, is it? Yet, the other me doesn’t get it quite right. I ( both me and the other me) have loved coffee ever since i took the first sip of that instant-mix you get in the market.

But as time went by, there came the side-effects of having too much of it. Its more like, i can’t get my head straight without having a sip of it everyday and when i drink it, there’s acidity in the alimentary canal. Its like something is lacking in your daily routine if you don’t have it. I had this insane desire of wanting to smell it, feel it and drink it everyday and once i have the first sip, i feel that all my grey cells start working faster than usual, my body feels strangely warm and relaxed.

Now my logical self, which is the actual ME, has realized that this is going to be a problem someday in the long run. So i tried to chide the other me. It feigned fear, and then got back its usual self and continued the love affair with coffee. I felt dejected. I need to control it. Yes, i am a control freak and i wanted myself to control my love for coffee. Yet, it didn’t happen.

So one day i give an ultimatum to it and stopped having coffee. Thought to myself that if i substitute it by another supplement before completely stopping, i can overcome the desire. TEA was my first and only option. So i resorted to it.

Day after day i’ve been giving myself tea instead of coffee so that the other me doesn’t recognize the sudden change. But it did! It tried to reason with me and i neglected it.

“Tea is fine…but doesn’t have the ambience of coffee. Coffee is much better y’know”

‘Yeah.Fine.Just drink it up.Does no harm’

“Alright, just this time. Next time its gonna be coffee,okay?”

‘You bet! Definitely’

The other time, it was bit more serious.

“How can you drink something like this?! I mean, seriously?!! This is not cool. I need you to understand that i can no more tolerate this.”

I didn’t give my two pence for its so-called threats.

And day by day i started conquering it. But something changed. I was no more happy. The inner bliss is lost. But i was adamant to control myself. And simultaneously unhappy.

Finally it rebuked that i spilled it all over! And only then did i realize what’s going on.

Sometimes, somethings are not good for us if overdone. But we can’t abandon them completely; they gotta exist in our lives. Just like people. Though they are not-so-good influence, without them, life is not so enjoyable. It creates a void. Which can’t be filled by Tea or anything better. You just gotta cut yourself some slack and try to be easy on yourself for the sake of happiness.

Tears started rolling by after that incident(Tea was way too hot and burned me like hell, you see!).And i cleaned up, strode towards kitchen, to make myself coffee and promised to never ‘over-do’ it so that i can satisfy both the persons inside me.

END OF THE STORY! People who got bored after reading this post can go have coffee. And people who found this article worthwhile, never lose the coffee of your lives. And don’t over-do it either.ADIOS.

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