When a Mad mad(e) me Mad

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Every one here in this world would love to be called as sane. Sanity is the free and natural gift that is bestowed to all of us in different ratio and proportions. Almost every one here wants to fall into the category of most respected people, which of course comes, again if you are sane as respect is directly proportion to sanity.


But Life has its own ways of cheating and then teaching… very rarely sanity is driven from insanity.

It was afternoon, an afternoon of summers. And as a sane person I thought it was the best time to go to market as rush hours drives me crazy. I accompanied my friend and happily-happily we end up shopping. It was easier to shop as there were rare persons in market.

Suddenly we both heard some sound, coincidentally at same time. we carefully listened to it as it was some usual and familiar sound.. It was a “gulp” sound that was coming straight from our stomachs, so we decided to stop at some food court to have some ” pet pooja”.

We had our choicest meals that drive and derive us in good mood. We turned more happy and happily we exit from food court and reached near our vehicle, but there i got struck with a beggar..

The poor beggar, i thought, was standing before the food court and was begging for some money. ( of course,i thought for having food, he might be hungry šŸ™ ). My consciousness yelled at me, i got conscious and started searching for some loose money. I founded a 5 rs coin, but that i thought was too much to give it to a beggar.Ā but i was in happy mood,and also a pride touched my mind, so i satisfactorily gave it to him.

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“Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it.”

Elizabeth WurtzelĀ 



There were few persons, 8-10 who were watching this. I watched them back and noticed some sarcastic smile on their faces when i gave him money. A feeling of doubt creep into my mind, a doubt of something wrong had happened which was out of my senses.

In short time, my senses regained when i saw that beggar doing unusual dance moves. I again looked at him shockingly, he hold my coin, turned it flip flop and made it visible to every standing person there and started laughing…

Aah, I understood the whole scenario and made it out he was not a beggar but a mad,who discovered a trick of making others mad. He put my coin over that place where he was placing others coin. I looked on those coin and was trying counting the numbers and was wondering how many sane people were be fooled by him beside me, and I am at which number?. I noticed that 32 teeth smile from every one and vacated that place asap, as i didn’t want to make my face to be memorized by the crowd. After all i am a sane human.

But whole day i kept on thinking…”sometimes Insanity rules over sanity”Ā that day, “A Mad mad(e) me mad”.

[stextbox id=”black”]“Shivani, like you is a regular reader of thisĀ columnĀ and sits nicely in the TF category-Ā Trusting Fools. Please donā€™t mind Shivani, a lot of us are in the same boat as you. Trusting, because itā€™s a very nice quality in human beings, fools because we first allow others to take an advantage of our niceness and then torture ourselves regretting it.” — Ā saysĀ Sonal Kalra.[/stextbox]

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Today's Viral Video - Must Watch & Share. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

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